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Cobb County's Scouting Traditions

    Cobb County has always had strong Scouting traditions. Bert Adams Scout Reservation was originally based in the Vinings area of the county until it moved to itís Covington location in 1960. The reservoir lake that is still there is named Camp Bert Adams Lake. And Cobb County is the home to the Atlanta Area Councilís Headquarters, Volunteer Service Center and Scout Shop on Circle 75 Parkway.

    Before 1998, all of Cobb County was one district, Colossal Cobb. It was Colossal Cobbís Homer Powell that began Scouterís Winter Camp in 1968. And in 1987, the District began the District Honor Roll, itís recognition award the Chicken Pin based on the Big Chicken, and the monthly newsletter, the Chicken Sheet.

    Cobb Countyís Scouters have always sought to have fun, do better and be prepared.

    Colossal Cobbís success meant that it grew in numbers so much that it boasted as many or more Scouts and Scouters than some Councils. So in the late 1998, the Atlanta Area Council made the decision to split the one Colossal Cobb District into three separate ones: Covered Bridge, Foothills and Mountain Lake.
    At the beginning of 2014, Mountain Lake and Covered Bridge were combined into one District, the Silver Comet District.

    So over the years, Scouterís Winter Campout continues to be a constant reminder of the strength of all of Cobb Countyís commitment to Scouting. SWC gives the leadership a weekend of friendship, to enjoy Scoutingís many traditions, to continue to teach each another new methods and ideas, and to have a stronger year-around program for the youth in the area.

    SWC has occurred each January since 1970. Yet another strong tradition! So enjoy your weekend. Talk about it in the coming months to those who didnít attend and invite them to be a part of something wonderful next year. Itís one of the most unique experiences an adult Scouter can do.

Let SWC always remind you Ö

To put the ďoutingĒ in Scouting.
That Scouting is a year-round activity.
That itís always a great day for Scouting.
And if itís not fun, then itís not Scouting.