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Legend of the Beads of SWC

    There are many traditions that have grown and flourished at SWC. One of these has been awarding colored beads for achievements, participation in SWC events, games and roles. Through the years, the beads have not been consistent. However in recent times the attempt has been made to standardize this tradition.

    Some patrols plan and fight fiercely for the beads. Others come to relax and hangout. But whether one has a few beads or many each year, it's always a good time to share Scouting with others.

    As you examine other SWC necklaces, the legend below will help you remember what each represents. Just understand, this standard has not been long enforced and you may see weird colored beads that were given out in some years past.


Gold Honor Patrol
Awarded to only one patrol
Clear Spirit Patrol
Awarded to only one patrol


Place winner beads for each contest: Saturday games, patrol flag,
campsite, wood carving, table decorations, etc.

Blue 1st Place Winner
Red 2nd Place Winner
White 3rd Place Winner

Simply participating in this event earns you the bead

Black Astronomy
Copper Presentation Boards, 2012
Green Good Turn Project / Conservation
Marble (Woodcarving, historical)
Orange Campwide Games
Purple Sunday Church Service
Tan Campsite Pioneering Projects
Yellow SWC Staff
Glow-in-the-Dark Davis Inn Night Hike (2011-14)
Multi-Color Visiting Scoutfest Booth: Oct, 2010
Davis Inn Night Hike Bead #2, 2012


Aqua Blue  
Light Blue  
Clear Blue