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SWC History
   History of SWC
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Cold Weather Camping
   Pointers for stayin' warm. Brrr.

SWC Beads
   Is it all about the beads?
   (Answer: Yes & No)

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SWC History

    Since 1968 Cobb County's Districts and the SWC Scoutmasters have built upon a grand history of winter camping to create traditions that are unique to SWC. This section shares some of those that make SWC the unique event that it is.
    Even as the old Cobb DistrictColossal Cobbwas broken apart in 1998, the three resulting Districts continued to use SWC as a Tri-District event to bring Cobb County Scouters together for training, fun and fellowship.

Cobb County's Scouting Traditions
    What SWC is all about.

Homer's Story
    How it all started is best told from the words of the late Homer Powell, the first Scoutmaster of SWC. Read his thoughts and struggles as SWC began as an event to teach Scout Leaders that they could take their Scouts camping in the winter.

Time Line
    Basic chronology of each SWC since 1968 as found in the annual program.

Silver Claws
    Who makes up the Silver Claw Patrol? The former Scoutmasters of SWC. Read the history of the SMs with a list of everyone since 1968.

Picture Archive
    Link to the Picasa SWC Picture Gallery. If you have pictures to add (especially from before 2002), email them to Tom Morin at tommorin@aol.com.

Previous Game Details
    One of the best things about SWC is the well crafted and executed games. Just finishing a challenge, sometimes, is reward in itself. Here's a list of previous game details for use in your Pack, Troop or Crew.

SWC Beads
   Is it all about the beads? Yes, no and maybe. This list tells you what the colors mean. (Same link as the left one.)