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    Before 1986, no one had really been keeping a record of the details of Scouter's Winter Camp. So in 1986, Ted Vinson who was the SPL that year, took a handheld tape recorder around with him the entire weekend asking questions of participants and around the SWC Staff's "fire talk" to begin collecting it's history. His wife, Donna, then took the information and created the first SWC History Book which was distributed to participants the following year.

    Every year, the book has been added to, corrected and amended when revealed past history has come to light. In the beginning, it was handed out on Sunday when participants were checking out. In 2008, it handed out at check-in.

    In 2013, the book had reached the size of small novel with 52 pages of information. It was decided that the majority of it's contents would be transferred to the internet and a more manageable version would be handed out to the participants going forward.

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